AdsWish – The Speedy Classifieds Search Engine

Search engines have been providing us with thousands upon thousands of results day in day out for years. From getting advice on where to go to get a mortgage or finding the best schools in your area, search engines like Google are the number one place for getting an answer to your needs. But what about when it comes to searching the best deals out there? Classified ad sites like eBay, Craigslist or UK’s Gumtree are dominating the market but users are required to access each site individually and are only able to view the classifieds that were directly uploaded onto that very site.

AdsWish screenshot

And that is where AdsWish comes into action! This super light-weight search engine comes back with lightning speed results, crawling all the classifieds out there for the most relevant ads based on your search. Criteria filters include keyword (i.e. Apple laptop or Cleaning services), location and the category you wish to search in. From For Sale to Jobs and Housing to Services, AdsWish caters to your needs no matter what you’re looking for. As the first true classified ads search engine in the world, AdsWish are a brilliant platform to find what you need in one central location. Check them out and find that killer deal in no time!

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