Alcohoot – The Smarter Breathalyzer

With a tagline of “The Power of Police Grade Technology in Your Hand”, we came across Alcohoot, described on the site as “an easy, accurate tool to help you track your body’s reaction to alcohol and become a smarter drinker.” Alcohoot is a simple to use device which plugs into your smartphone headphone jack and links up with the app. Simply blow into the breathalyzer app which in turn instantly calculates your alcohol intake. You can track and set limits on your intake by using SmartLine. In addition, the Morning Quiz helps analyze your habits and asks how you feel following the night as well as how you felt during the night itself. If you’re still out and about you can even get a taxi with your choice of taxi provider to ensure you get home safely.


Alcohoot “uses an FDA-registered fuel cell sensor, the same technology used by police and military devices.” It’s incredibly easy to use and invaluable. So “Learn your drinking habits, enhance your lifestyle” with Alcohoot.

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