My Annual Rite To Ruminate

All over the world, we have the annual ritual to reminisce and reflect on our learnings when December comes around and inform our plan for the year to come. Have you started your annual rite?

Here are some personal thoughts I found myself pondering about lately.

Practice what you preach. Heed your own advice. Lead by example.

Yeah… Doesn’t that sound easy? A reality check showed me that it is in fact not always that easy or natural. It’s not important to be perfect. What matters is being relevant: whether it is the need to change the direction of business or acknowledging making mistakes is the fastest way to learn.

Prioritize. Then schedule it. And stick to the schedule.

I love to-do lists. They have always kept me focused. However, with the increase in workload and the variety of tasks, I became lost in a sea of actions that made me wonder what was the next best move. I ended up throwing everything into one pile and used sticky notes and a flipchart to prioritize my immediate next moves. And within those moves, what my tasks were. This exercise ended up becoming my new schedule where every workday had a purpose.

Open up. Trust. Ask for expectation and forgiveness.

Reciprocity is central in human behaviour. You get out of a relationship what you put in. You want customers and partners to trust you? Then show your belief first. You made a mistake in your work? Then ask for understanding.

Build your team. Create win-win relationships. Collaborate & cooperate.

You can’t build a winning start-up on your own. You need a trusted adviser, someone who gives you honest feedback. You also need a team that gives you the opportunity to focus on your core service or product while others take routine matters out of your hands. Make sure you hire team members that love what you don’t love. And understand what they want to get out of their job. Give them space to learn and grow, just like you need the space to build on your vision.

Ponder on all this and more, and 2015 will be a year of new heights for you. Recollect what you learned and connect it to a particular course of action you have planned for 2015. I guarantee you will be more focused and have more fun.

The best part is, opening up and showing vulnerability brings you opportunity to connect with peers, clients, partners and other stakeholders on a level you would never have imagined.


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As Founder of Kaleidoscope and Business Mentor, Lisette Andreyko works with start-ups on gaining strategic focus. She is passionate about leadership development in start-ups. Connect with LisetteLinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook

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