Audio Troupe – Awesome Headphones Direct To Your Door

We recently came across a brilliant venture by the name of Audio Troupe, which is taking a fresh look at the premium consumer electronics space with their high-quality headphones. The general public has become much more knowledgeable about what headphones can offer and as a result have become much more demanding in what they purchase as well – yet are now prepared to pay more to get the full experience, whereas in the past most just wanted a cheap solution.

audio troupe screenshot

Well gone are the days where you need to do a ton of research before buying – reading hundreds of reviews that may not be genuine (fake or incentivized to say something positive) followed by the fear of being unhappy with your purchase immediately after buying and as a result putting up an ad on eBay to recover your losses as much as possible.

Now you can not only get easy access to premium headphones but you can test them out for an amazing 10 days! Simply sign up on the Audio Troupe website with your name and email address (we’re talking seconds here!) and choose what type of headphones you want to test out: whether that be Over the Ear, On Ear, or In-Ear. Then just say what kind of price range fits your budget (up to $50, up to $100, up to $150, or over $150) and add in your phone number. Why? No, you’re not getting signed up to spam – the guys at Audio Troupe actually call you to walk you through suitable headphone options based on your criteria! Just tell them when the best time to reach you is and you’re greeting with a “We’ll be in touch shortly” – it couldn’t be easier!

Let the team do all the hard work in finding suitable headphones for you and getting them out to you. All you need to do is sit back and relax – simply wait for your package to arrive, give them all a try and return anything you don’t like within the trial period – you only pay for what you keep! Talk about service! So what are you waiting for? Check them out!

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