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American investor, engineer, and solar power pioneer Frank Shuman stated back in 1916 that “We have proved…that after our stores of oil and coal are exhausted the human race can receive unlimited power from the rays of the sun.” And that has been proven time and time again to incredible degrees. So much so that the solar power industry is one of the fastest growing renewable energy industries in the world. But with so many providers, establishing themselves as ‘leaders’ and ‘the next big thing’, it is difficult if not near impossible to find a trustworthy provider of, for instance, solar panels.

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And that is where Australian Solar Quotes come into the equation. With their incredible light-weight but remarkably powerful web-based solutions both on their site and now presented as a smart trust widget, you can search through all the providers and not only find out more about the companies but read real reviews from real people who have used them in the past. With the simple yet effective star system, you can quickly browse through their national solar panel directory and check out honest reviews for both solar installers as well as solar retailers located in Australia.


Listings contain all the information you need, such as a business description explaining exactly who you are dealing with, the products and services they offer, their location and contact information, as well as the thoughts and opinions of previous customers. You can read up on or leave reviews based on a variety of relevant criteria like the sales rep dealt with, the overall service received, the system installation, the actual quality of the system itself, the speed of service and the price of the product and/or service.

We think the site is incredibly useful and super user-friendly with searches completed in just a couple clicks. And with constant innovations like that nifty reviews widget, what’s not to love? Check them out for honest reviews with a “good service guarantee”!

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