Brief – Your All-In-One Phone Manager

We recently came across another great find in the mobile space. Brief, which is available to download right now in the Google Play store, is the solution we’ve all been waiting for when it comes to all-in-one phone management. And we we say ‘all-in-one’, we mean it! Everything from SMS text messaging to the actual phone (calls), emails, RSS feeds, files, the ability to use and take pictures from your camera roll and downloaded images, and even a highly secure locker that allows you to manage everything behind highly encrypted vault doors – Brief has it all!

Brief screenshot

It’s completely free to download and upon your first download you get a whole year’s worth of Plus premium member features! Yes, also for free! Be sure to check out the other apps in the family, namely Browse and Bread for powerful file management and RSS feed readers specifically. While this is ideal for individuals, it can easily be used by entire workforces to bring all activities together under one, simple, ‘controlable’, location – just one central dashboard, how great is that? Stop using all those different platforms and bring it together under one roof – Try out Brief for yourself too; you’ll be glad you checked them out!


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