CanUStart – Get Hired And Get Hiring Fast

“Hiring Can Be a Pain, so We Do the Work for You” – CanUStart is a life-saver when it comes to getting the right person for the job. Hiring is incredibly time-intensive – posting the job, sourcing talent, sifting through applications, phone interviews, face to face interviews, it keeps going. And even if you use a recruiter, you still need to do a lot of those things (you need to see if they fit the company dynamic and values) – and it certainly doesn’t come cheap!

Thing of the past with CanUStart, the online marketplace to get hired and to hire. What sets it apart from other online marketplaces, classifieds or job boards in general? 

These three points for starters:

canustart screenshot 1

And for the main course and to hit the sweet spot after:

canustart screenshot 3

The user interface is beautiful. Buzzwords like clean, sleek, modern, and minimalistic certainly come to mind when browsing the site. Profiles are displayed for quick and easy browsing with a profile picture, the times they are available (anytime, weekends, daytime, etc), and social media integration is a case of click-and-go. In short, it’s awesome. 

canustart screenshot 2

They cater to a range of businesses, not just the Michelin starred eateries out there. Mom and pop restaurants, culinary schools, in additional to chain restaurants, they’ve got all corners of the playing field covered. Looking for quality staff? Look no further. So When “Can U Start”? (We’ve been dying to saying that since starting the article).

Check out their great promo video as well here

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