Cash Clamber – Play With Friends. Play For Bitcoin. Play For Fun.

We recently came across Cash Clamber and had trouble putting the games aside to focus on the article! With a fresh take on many classic games, games like Candy Chomp, Leap Frog, Battle Boats, and Rock Paper Scissors (our favorite – the designs are simply stunning and it’s hard to stop pressing Play Again – yes, rock beats scissors – lost again!) Play Solo, with friends, for fun, or for the chance to pocket some bitcoin – it’s up to you!


Did we mention the graphics look amazing? In their own words, Cas Clamber “is an interactive HTML5 web app. The app provides a unique platform to play ‘skill based’ games with friends to win Bitcoin. Our brand new app is fully integrated into major social networking sites, and allows you to socialise whilst gaming. Fleece your friends in head to head competitions, or quite simply ‘play for fun’. Hours of fun.” – No doubt there! And don’t get thrown by sites that have fake game winners, with Cash Clamber’s ‘fair play, fair pay’ terms, “there’s always a real winner in every game.”

cash clamber screenshot

What makes Cash Clamber even more unique is that their framework allows you to design, create and launch your own new games, stating they will even pay royalties for them! 

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