Clinch – Talent Acquisition Simplified

We recently came across Clinch, a brilliant platform that, as they state, “helps companies create and promote effective employer brands and jobs content to attract applications from the right candidates across multiple channels.” But let’s be clear about one thing here: their platform helps attract qualified candidate applications but they are NOT recruiters. Instead, they “are a dedicated team, fuelled by the belief that successful talent acquisition (and retention) starts with honest and open communication between employers and potential candidates.”

Clinch screenshot

Clinch’s service is packed with features! For starters, employer branding, including mobile ready career pages and the ability to create interesting and engaging photos almost instantaneously with Clinch’s Camera app (which links up directly between your phone and laptop), is all just a few clicks away. Then there’s the support with making sure how you phrase what you say, or as they state, “Copywriting can be difficult, but we’re here to help.” By using the platform, you can easily and efficiently communicate everything that makes your company stand out, “to help you attract the right people.” And that’s just for starters. They can help you build an effective candidate talent pool, making sure you can find the best candidate for the job without needing to filter through a bunch of clunky Excel spreadsheets, word document CV’s saved on the hard drive or emails. It’s all done on one simple but comprehensive platform.

The team’s mission and background is to the point, “Coming together from the worlds of business, media, engineering, and design, we’re helping companies attract prospective employees by giving them the platform to showcase their workplace perks and culture, company values, current team, and more.” Check them out and get the right people for your team!

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