Collexion – Find What You Love. Love What You Find.

We recently came across Collexion, a brilliant new service that’s “…putting the whole collectible world in one place for you to discover.” Whether it’s a rare coin, a beautiful car, or a vintage pocket watch, Collexion is putting it on display. And the project is a large one! As they state on their site, “We’re curating millions of collectibles from a global community of collectors who love to share their collections, passions and knowledge. Find what you love and love what you find at Collexion…” Collexion is fascinating – featuring items from all walks of life – they are all invaluable to the right person. We think Ben Silbermann says it perfectly, “What you collect says so much about who you are.”

collexion 2

The service is incredibly simple to use and to sign up for. You can get discovering within literally minutes. With items covering several centuries, the site is truly both a blast from the past and like a recent trip down memory lane. Rather than keeping their rare stamp collection hidden away from the public’s eye, via Collexion you can “see what the world is collecting” – as if you’re the one in possession of these beautiful pieces.

In short, millions of collectibles are being shared on one single platform for the whole world to appreciate. Do you have an interesting collection you wish to feature? Get in touch with Collexion and share the love!

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