CopScore – Promoting Safer Communities

“You have rating sites for everything: professors, hospitals, opticians, everything. If I can provide a tool which lets people know that the police that are in their community are good and can be trusted it not only benefits the community, it benefits the police.” Those are the words of CopScore‘s founder Arion Hardison. By creating a platform which has no bias, and a fair, open rating system, trust and credibility is built.


When entering the information about a police officer, the full name, department and badge number are required. This was a conscious decision on their part as the idea behind CopScore was only for those who have genuinely interacted with the police officer to be able to leave a performance review. Separating the good from the bad has become a tricky business given the recent (and on-going) reports of police brutality around the country. Whilst many have argued that only those who have had negative experiences will post a review (there is the question to answer in the performance review as to whether you have been arrested by the police officer in question) it also gives the additional element of transparency – and allows you to say how great the officer treated you – how he helped you after you fell victim to a crime for instance.

The main goal behind CopScore? As Arion states “I want them to care about their CopScores. I don’t want to use it as a weapon to hurt anyone anymore than a teacher uses an ‘F’ to hurt a student. They own their CopScore. It’s the result of their behavior and their engagement with the community.” We love the social good aspect of the site and the transparency, promoting a safer community. Check them out!

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