Corda – The Last Business Cards You’ll Ever Need.

At a business meeting, the gym, or on a night out and need to share your contact info with somebody? Forgot your business cards at home? Not a problem! Here comes Corda and the service they offer will solve the problem of forgotten business cards once and for always!

Corda is the newly built app that allows its user to create various options of v-cards (electronic business cards) depending on the occasion. Basically allowing you to have up to 5 business cards in your pocket. Share whatever information you want with the person – depending on what the circumstances of your meeting are. They don’t even need to have Corda app installed!

How does it work? Corda sends the v-card to your receiver as a text message file «VCF» which is recognised on all mobile and computer platforms. So you can receive it on any smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone, Android or Windows phone, your v-card will be instantly accessible!

So what happens exactly when you send your contact card to someone?

That person will receive a text message from your phone number with a V-card file attached. They can then open the v-card and tap «Create Contact» to instantly save you in their contact list.

At the moment the app is in its early beginnings, having launched their free beta version, which is currently only available to download on iPhones (iOS7). The inventors, however, claim to be in the process of developing an Android version in the near future, which will be released in one of the following app updates.

So what does it cost you? At the moment the app is free and the developers encourage users to download and join in on the beta version by offering 500 free downloads. They also all ears when it comes to any suggestions you may have for its improvement and the future development of the app – so feel free to check them out at and leave your comments! 

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