Criticl – Be The Change You Seek

We recently came across Criticl, an amazing you-be-the-reporter web app officially launching next week – with iOS and Android apps hitting the stores this December. So what’s all the fuss about? Criticl takes publishing to another level entirely. As they state on their site, “You’re the journalist, reporter and author. Write as little or as much as you want. Simply post a link or write an essay.” What happens next you ask? Well, if the idea doesn’t intrigue you enough already, you’re also “the Editor-In-Chief! Up-Vote credible, intriguing, and crucial content. Down-Vote the bullshit and make-believe.” – Now we’re talking! Criticl’s platform looks fantastic – clean cut, sleek, with a focus on the content, our style entirely. Check out today’s top stories or simply all new stories and share your thoughts! Agree, disagree? Let your voice be heard.

criticl screenshot

If sharing your views isn’t getting you excited enough to check them out, they’ve added some great features to keep you hooked! “Level-Up! You’ll earn points for good content, commenting, and voting. Use them to unlock new site features, titles, and rank.” – So get writing, share your thoughts, and lead the change.

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