I.CX – Secure Messaging For The Rest Of Us

We recently came across I.CX (‘I see X’) by EveryBit Inc., pioneers in secure messaging “for the rest of us.” What’s it all about? I.CX is a private messaging and file sending system and it couldn’t be easier to use. How does it work, you ask? As stated on their site, “To send a message or file, I.CX uses the public key of your recipient to encrypt your content so that only they can open it. All of your content is encrypted client side (right in your web browser) using javascript and trusted cryptographic libraries. There is no master key that opens all messages, no backdoor, no way to reset someone else’s secret code. No passwords are ever sent over the network.”

I.CX screenshot

EveryBit Inc. also recently released their End-to-End encrypted contact form, which works in a similar fashion to it’s secure messaging system. As mentioned on PR Web, “The form features 256 bit AES encryption protecting all of the information entered into it. When a visitor clicks send on the form, their name, email, phone number and message are scrambled before they leave the web browser, and the information is only decrypted upon arrival at the website owner’s computer.” It’s incredibly secure and certainly a fantastic platform – be sure to check them out, it’s worth it!

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