Domesting – We Take Care Of Your Time. You Just Enjoy.

London, 4 November 2014.- The entrepreneurial idea of Pablo Rodríguez came from the hand of a chaotic move, when the founder of the startup appreciates the absence of domestic cleaning companies which go conveniently, economical and especially, legal and reliable. An obstacle became an opportunity and he decided to create Domesting, the first online and mobile booking system for domestic services linking their own premium services with a social marketplace. The context could not be more favorable, electronic commerce is in a boom phase and today people have less and less time. So, Domesting provides a new way to reach households through mobile devices, televisions and computers for hiring domestic services through its system, allowing customers to save not only time spent performing housework but in the actual recruitment service.

domesting screenshot

Who will care about your house?

Outsourcing home care is imposed as a necessity caused not only by changes in the current lifestyle, but also by the gradual integration of women into the labor market when their traditional role as responsible for domestic tasks in different countries continents such as Asia, Europe and Latin America transforms, generating uncertainties regarding who, how and how well this feature of domestic and family care will work.

A matter of trust

Domesting offers domestic services focused on home care. Offering his own verified and examined Senior professionals in a legal form, he aims to increase the confidence of customers, differentiating itself from its competitors, which in most cases indicate that they don’t take responsibility of the professionals’ work, acting solely as an intermediary. In this sense, through a marketplace, Domesting also offers a social system that connects customers with Junior professionals, again adding trust to the world’s leading offline services, and understanding professionals as future clients, making it possible to provide them with quality products and services.

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