Doplor – Because The Where And When Matters

Rich from doplor, a great new service that “does location events” because “where and when matters”, got in touch to tell us all about the exciting venture he’s working on with his team, as well as where they came from, what they envision people using the service for, and to give some solid advice for those looking to make their own mark. Be sure to check them out and let us know your thoughts. 

StartupCatchup: Please introduce us to doplor, what’s it all about?

Rich: Doplor is a web and mobile app you can use to set up geographical regions; we call these places. Once you have set up your places (and signed into the app) our servers log your entries and exits to these places. Your personal events feed then displays this info. But you can also create groups to share places with friends, family or colleagues. 

Connecting places to groups means, with their permission, their entry and exit of places will also be displayed in your events feed. For events you need to know about we built alerts. By defining a simple ‘when/then’ rule you can create customized alerts that trigger app messages, emails or any connected service through doplor’s api interface.

So how will people use doplor?

We don’t know, but we believe that technology shouldn’t slow you down. When you sign up with doplor you will have access to our beta programme with our api, providing you with the option to integrate your places with over 250 apps – so we reckon people might just find a use for doplor!

In terms of the team: myself, Dan and Jimmy are the co-founders or as we describe ourselves, the talker, the planner and the doer!

doplor screenshot

StartupCatchup: How did you come up with the idea?

Rich: We had this moment where we began to understand how important it is to know where you are in the world – in relation to the things that matter to you. So we wanted to create an app that could do more than say where you are on a map but integrate your location into your life and and value to your experience.  

StartupCatchup: What made you actually take action and go for it?

Rich: We played around with the concept and then we decided to throw a proof of concept together. From there we were talking to small business users and it just really took off from there. 

StartupCatchup: How many people are currently working on the project and who are they?

Rich: It is still just the three co-founders, however, we have pulled a couple of others in for some expert help when needed. 

StartupCatchup: How are you funding the project?

Rich: Boot strapping all the way at present… we are hopefully launching premium accounts soon which we hope will excite people and help out with cashflow!

StartupCatchup: What are your plans for the business and what do you hope to accomplish?

Rich: We would like doplor to become an every-day app that people run all the time. syncing their location with routine tasks, such as pre-ordering a coffee when you get to a certain street corner during the morning, or messaging your girlfriend when you leave work. But we would also like to see it enter the work place and providing for automated time sheets and location based safety instructions.

StartupCatchup: What has been the most rewarding experience so far on the journey?

Rich: The super positive feedback we are now getting from our new users, the ones that have found us and begun to use doplor without a direct push from any of the founders or our friends and family. 

StartupCatchup: What, if anything, would you have done differently looking back on the journey now?

Rich: Believed sooner – we had some self doubt early on but we should have pushed on with our gut feeling from the start!

StartupCatchup: What would you advise others who have an idea but simply don’t know where to begin?

Rich: Get a white board: draw it, show it to people, re-draw it, show it to more people and don’t stop because soon enough the idea will become a reality and you will have to have to build it!

StartupCatchup: Can you give us a quote that motivates and inspires you to keep going?

Rich: Tough question… but it will be one of our early brand statements when we were developing our concept… “Don’t let your tech slow you down”

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