DreamsCloud – We Make Dreams Social

“Log, share and discover your dreams, dream meanings and yourself.” DreamsCloud is a great site to check what is going on up there during the night. Fully kitted up with a Dreams Dictionary (with over 5,000 dream symbols) where you can search for recurring themes and items and discover their independent meanings which allow you to piece the puzzle back together. The dictionary is great, but don’t rely on it to give you definitive answers: “Only you can interpret your own dreams, but these symbols can help you get started!”

dreamscloud 1

On the go? Check out the DreamSphere app: “Easily record and learn more about your dreams, and yourself! See where and what people are dreaming about around the world!”

You can even check trending dreams of the week, month, or local trending dreams (currently Bandage, Time, and X-rays seem to be trending – sounds like a bit of a nightmare!)

The whole site works on the premise of understanding your reams to deeper understand yourself. As they explain “Dreams help us to process and decode our lives, and to better understand ourselves. We want to make a better world of informed dreams and dreamers.” Their promo video is great as well. Check it out here!

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