Dsync – Affordable System Integrations

We recently came across system integration specialist Dsync which originated in Australia (with offices in both Sydney and Brisbane) and which recently opened up shop in San Francisco. On a mission to make system integrations affordable for small and medium sized businesses alike, and to enhance overall operational productivity, the team are passionate about helping those who haven’t previously had these systems at their disposal.

Dsync screenshot

With their powerful web based tool which is so flexible it can literally “join ANY system to ANY system at an affordable cost” (do note that the systems must have the ability to communicate EDI/api, etc. via a connector), small businesses are able to benefit from system integrations which are normally only reserved for large corporations who can afford the traditionally high costs of integrations. With the help of their simple wizard, however, non-techies and non-programmers are able to map out system integrations with much greater ease.

With years of experience in helping retailers link their websites systems such as Magento and WordPress to solid inventory systems, the team has helped with streamlining their businesses to a much greater degree. Even drop shippers can benefit with their offerings of automated inventory systems and product listings. In short, no matter at what stage you are with your operations, the team at Dsync can most certainly help. Check them out!

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