Enprojo – From Start To Growth And Beyond

We recently came across a fantastic and highly innovative venture that not only offers advice, guidance and support to entrepreneurial individuals, but to entire startup teams as well. Enprojo essentially provides you with “everything you need from a task manager…and more!” The service is packed with useful and highly unique features which allow users to clearly document their journey and take appropriate action as well.

Enprojo screenshot

So what can you achieve with Enprojo? For starters, there’s the incredibly powerful Journal feature, which is an add-on to the overall task manager and allows users to add insights and experiences as they embark and continue on their entrepreneurial journey. Users can add context to tasks listed in the task manager they are working on, ensuring users “never miss the opportunity to catalog their ups and downs, milestones and goals.” Giving you the chance to reflect, write down your thoughts and concerns, and then take a step back to analyse the situation is hugely therapeutic but also offers the opportunity to further collaborate as words often speak louder than words. Concerns can be raised and discussed and milestones can be celebrated, all from one central location with a beautiful interface.

 So what does the task manager allow you to do? Here users can enter and organise their tasks as they come along and track their overall progress in an organised fashion. It can be visible to just yourself or the entire team but will remain completely private – that’s right, there’s no social media integration here! The team at Enprojo believe (as do we!) that a private program allows for more honest insights and tasks. It’s an open yet private place, setting you up for success.

The tasks and associated journal entries can then be compiled into a book. To add to the overall impact, visuals like photos or other documentation can be added into the book as well. This finished product can be shared both internally with your team members or even shared outside of Enprojo. Books don’t have to be incredibly personal, they can even act as guides or provide others with best practices.

Sound good? Well, we’re just getting started! There’s plenty more to learn about Enprojo so head on over and check them out. You’ll be glad you did!


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