Essential Edit – Clean & Natural Lightroom Editing For Professional Photographers.

Another brilliant find for the photographers among us! Essential Edit is a powerful tool for wedding photographers to help with not only the editing of wedding photos but also other relevant items like custom album design, ensuring those captured moments are captured in the most beautiful way possible. Essential Edit, ‘essentially’ takes care of everything when it comes to wedding post production, so you don’t have to!

essential edit screenshot

We recently heard that photographers can spend upwards of 20 hours on wedding photo editing – and that’s a conservative estimate. Wouldn’t it be great if that time could be added on to creating more photos for clients, marketing, and other essential things to ensure people know about and appreciate the services you offer?

So what exactly can you get from the team at Essential Edit? Specialising in anything from Culling (at just $0.09 per image) to Lightroom editing (at just $0.30 per image), which includes anything from cropping to HSL adjustments and horizon straightening to ensure good levelled photographs, the team also offers a solid range of retouching, correcting anything “from simple pimples to extensive masking and clipping.” These guys know their stuff, and as they state, “We eat nightmares for breakfast.”

Lastly, our favorite! The team do incredible work when it comes to wedding photo album design (at just $4 per image), starting from scratch and providing the images for the album company you choose to go for. No restrictions. We love it and are sure you will too (as well as your clients!) Check them out.

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