FanVox – Fans Will Raise Their Voice

“We all love football. We follow our club and National team throughout our entire life with full enthusiasm and loyalty. We cheer, we cry, we suffer, we laugh, and we celebrate. We invest our time and our money following our team, and we enjoy it the most. We as fans build up the atmosphere of football and without us the beautiful game would not be the same.”

So, as FanVox asks on their site, “why do we feel that the ones who run and own the football clubs are increasingly leaving us behind in the decision-making process? Why do we perceive that the football key stakeholders are more concerned on the options to increase profit and commercialism rather than to hear our voice? Of course we love to have the best players in our team; we love to win, we love that feeling on every Sunday afternoon. But at the expense of the club’s financial stability or even at the loss of our club’s identity and its bond with the community that has been around since its inception?”

fanvox screenshot

So what is FanVox? It’s a digital platform for football fans. Based on Mass Collaboration to merge the voices of fans everywhere into one, empowering them to no longer feel ignored by their favorite teams when it comes to important decisions like new players and strategies. And best of all, Co-Creation, as they put it, “Any user can propose and lead new initiatives. Other users can join and improve them. We are looking for ambassadors.” Check them out and be heard!

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