FiNe – Redefining Brand Loyalty.

FiNe is taking the concept of brand loyalty discounts to a new extreme (in a good way!) Simply put, “If you like a certain shop, and you visit it a lot, shouldn’t you be rewarded for your loyalty?” – We’re guessing you’re shouting “YES!” at the top of your lungs – After all, who doesn’t want bigger and better discounts for your favorite coffee shop or clothing store? 

It couldn’t be easier to use the service. With the great graph feature, you can see your discounts grow when you buy more frequently (and similarly shrink when you buy less frequently) – the idea behind this? Well, “Similar to watching or trading stocks, customers are seduced by the app to try to keep their FiNe Score (Discount) as high as possible.”

FiNe screenshot 1

And they aren’t taking this lightly – telling companies to “Throw away your old-fashioned buy-10-get-1-free cards” and start rewarding their loyal customers in a new way. Main benefits to the client? “Attract more customers and strengthen your relationship with your loyal customers by sending them customized messages with expiration dates.”

We love the idea – it’s a win-win situation. And having made it a social platform is great as well – as you’re able to see what kinds of discounts your friends are getting and start competing to get on top of the list!

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