FreeFiverDaily – Win $5 Daily. No Strings Attached.

Who doesn’t love free money? We sure do! We were introduced to FreeFiverDaily by a recent winner of their daily giveaway. It’s a site “dedicated to giving back – at a rate of $5 daily to a random lucky winner.” So how does it work exactly? You simply sign up by choosing a random 5-digit number and entering your email address – these two will be used to identify the winner on the Winners Wall. Why the 5-digit number? “We blur out part of the winner’s email address to protect their privacy.” And before you ask – no, they don’t share or resell your information so no spam issues here – good stuff! 

FFD screenshot

So hang on a second here! They’re giving away FREE money and they guarantee not to abuse my personal information? Correct. They run completely off on-site advertising, such as banners and links to partner offers. “We hate spam – and as such we will never share your personal information.” Sounds intriguing… 

How does the actual daily draw work? “We use a random selection generator to pick our daily winner and then we post the winning email address together with the 5-digit number they signed up with on our Winners Wall.” Via social media like their Facebook and Twitter accounts, they announce “We have a winner!” daily, meaning people can check back on the Winner’s Wall to see if they’re the lucky one that day. If they are, all they need to do is get in touch with the email address they registered on the site with to confirm and claim their prize – winnings are then sent via PayPal within minutes of them winning.


What happens if the prize isn’t claimed within the day? “Well, we offer a 48 hour grace period.” What does that mean exactly? “If the winner missed the draw and couldn’t check on the site that day, we’ll allow them to claim their prize within the following 48 hours.” We think it’s a great concept – now wish us luck on the next draw!

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