G&A Education Foundation – Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

We recently came across a great venture called the G&A Education Foundation who are on a mission to empower students to be able to “receive an education in the best possible way.” By providing their innovative education funding solutions, those students who truly are passionate about going to college, actually can! As Chadwick Green, CEO of G&A Education Foundation says, these days, “It’s not enough to just get a Pell Grant. School now requires a full time job, massive student loans, and an insane amount of debt.” And with interest-only loans on the rise, where the initial amount is never repaid and the monthly repayments grow by the month if not kept up with, students are falling in a life-long debt trap.

G&A Scholarship screenshot

With their innovative online scholarships, it’s incredibly easy to apply (and also to donate instantly via PayPal) to this great cause. Simply head on over to their website and check out the three scholarships currently on offer. They consist of Technology, Inspiration, and Innovation, all geared towards empowering students to truly become leaders of the future. As Chadwick Green states, “Let’s keep our future generations from falling further in debt as they dream for a brighter future.” So, do you think you would benefit from one of the scholarships on offer? Send them an email on their contact page and show exactly why you think you should be the recipient of such a fantastic opportunity. Check them out!

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