GadgetBox – Driven By Passion. Delivered By Us.

We recently came across a brilliant venture by the name of GadgetBox, a startup aimed at “[closing] the gap between household consumers and entrepreneurs.” Subscription-based services are available for pretty much everything you can think of. Shaving boxes, coffee, movies, socks, and hobby boxes in general are available to be delivered on a monthly, quarterly and year basis.

The problem with many of these services is that the contents are at times completely random…a coffee that happened to be on offer by the suppliers, socks that were discounted, or older movies – with no particular focus on quality. Well, no more! GadgetBox is laser-focused on providing value without compromising on quality by handpicking the contents of the box themselves, “in order to match the preferences of the consumer as closely as possible.”

GadgetBox screenshot

Don’t be mistaken though. These aren’t novelty items or gimmicks but items curated by the team and provided by die hard entrepreneurs, “therefore allowing household consumers to be aware of the new innovations created by these entrepreneurs.” It doesn’t cost entrepreneurs a dime – in fact, they are rewarded for their creativity and efforts, as they receive part of the sales’ profits.

GadgetBox screenshot 2

So what can you expect from your GadgetBox? The contents vary and that’s what keeps the excitement going. You can receive “anything from newly designed & sound efficient wireless headphones to a 3D printing pen to a Smart Lightbulb and so on.” The box will contain anything between 2 and 6 handpicked and curated gadgets/products depending on the subscription you decide to go for. So what are you waiting for? Check out all the other great features of their boxes and to learn more about their online store and discount system. Get shopping and start saving on purchases that will make your life easier and more enjoyable!

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