GRELIS – Global Real Estate Listing Search

We recently came across a brilliantly simple yet beautiful way to quickly browse all available real estate from all around the world in just a click or two. Founded by Tom Rapko, GRELIS, which stands for Global Real Estate Listing Search, is a great resource for finding the perfect place you’re looking for, as it takes all of the grunt work out of the equation.

GRELIS moves the concept of search away from local sites where they are generally isolated from the outside world, to a global audience via their “niche search technology.” With its sophisticated algorithm, the platform crawls the internet for real estate listings, aggregates and adds the relevant keywords in so that when they are searched for they result in user-friendly search results directing visitors directly to the actual listing.

GRELIS screenshot

What makes GRELIS so exciting is not only that it brings it all to one central platform that can be accessed and found from anywhere, it is also, as they state, absolutely limitless in terms of what can be indexed. The most popular search term is ‘classic beach houses’ but there are plenty of interesting and niche listings such as ‘private airstrips’ and ‘equestrian-focused properties.’

With over 10,000,000 search results having been indexed at the end of Month One, GRELIS is on a fantastic journey. Up next, apart from exploiting their exponential growth to the fullest, is ensuring search results are as relevant as possible and reached in record speed. We love it, check them out!

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