HeadPal – The Multifunctional Handsfree Smartphone Accessory

The guys over at HeadPal have created something extremely innovative and useful. Although we needed to see the problem first to realise we suffer from it – this smartphone accessory is clearly a winner in our books. Who hasn’t gotten fatigued-arm-syndrome (yes, we’re coining this term) from holding up their smartphone for hours on end during YouTube marathons or long and deep Skype conversations? Readjusting every so often, arms cramping up, neck pains, the lot! When you think about it, it’s hard to believe this thing hasn’t been around earlier. Well, it’s here now and we’re thankful for it. Well, when we say “it’s here now”, there’s one little thing pending and that’s ensuring their Kickstarter campaign is fully funded.

HeadPal screenshot

The initial concept was developed by HeadPal’s CEO & Founder Adam Agresta back in October of 2014. He tackled this problem that he admits not many people realise to having “until it is pointed out” by doing extensive market research by doing surveys with the public and testing various scenarios and designs. Fast forward through the patent application, first prototype, manufacturer meetings, 3D design creation, updated prototypes, and yet another sleeker 3D model rendering and we’re at the Kickstarter stage. The campaign is due to end in just over a month with orders shipping out to those lucky early adopters in March of 2016.

HeadPal screenshot 3

We have high hopes for this nifty smartphone accessory that truly is multifunctional. Use it with the headphones via magnet attraction, let it stand upright on a table by itself, or you can even use it as a selfie stick. Whatever way you choose, your arms and neck will thank you – we guarantee it. Check them out, show your support, and get yours!

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