HearNotes – The WireFree Solution

Few advancements have been made over the last decade when it comes to the actual quality of headphones. Sure, softer pads and better adjustable frames, alongside sleeker logos have made their way into the hands of celebrity endorsement deals. When it comes to ensuring a better and higher quality listening experience, however, there are surprising few developments to speak of. Well, that’s about to stop. In comes HearNotes. The team have not only developed a beautiful product but one that blows others out of the playing field.

hearnotes screenshot

The truly WireFree headphones are within reach on Kickstarter, with an incredibly impressive 50-foot range, ensuring you will never come across a signal drop-off or interference as long as you are within that distance (not hard to do we think!) The headphones truly come to life with the premium armature speakers which were “expertly engineered to accurately reproduce the high fidelity audio transmission your earbuds receive from the transmitter.” These headphones were designed for music playback, which surprisingly, most have not been. Bluetooth was never meant for music in the first place but for cellphone communication – like they state, it’s essentially like you’ve been surfing the web via the infamous dial up modem all these years. Companies relied on the fact that you would think “Fashionable is good enough.” So ask yourself: “Are you finally ready to cut loose?” If so, head on over to their campaign and get involved. This is the start of a revolution. Be a part of it!

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