InfiniteM by TDS – Modular Power

We recently came across an amazing venture part of the Teiron Dynamics Studio brand that just launched on Kickstarter. With an incredibly sleek, elegant, and compact design, the phrase ‘less is more’ certainly comes to mind when looking at this beautiful wireless charging device. It’s incredibly resilient, having been crafted from aircraft quality materials, and the same lightweight yet incredibly durable aluminum alloy that’s used for the iPhone 6 shells.

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The entire device oozes luxury with the smooth curved edges and anti-fingerprint feature due to the high grade anodizing process, and it complements all of your devices with style. After all, all of our portable devices are made of quality materials, why shouldn’t accessories and charging units be any different? But it’s not just about the quality of materials used, the battery (a 6000 mAh lithium battery) is manufactured to incredible standards too (using a Tier-1 guaranteed manufacturer) which not only ensures safety but solid performance and endurance at all times. Exciting future stretch goals of the Kickstarter campaign will include a significant increase in the alloy strength (roughly 40% stronger) but without the additional weight, making it even more resilient to every-day situations.

So what makes this device so amazing apart from the design and quality? The fact that you can charge your device with Qi rather than messing about with cables is a godsend. It doesn’t matter where you are – on the road, home, or at work, the wireless charging capability allows you to charge with ease and speed. With a powerful, triple-coil transmitter design carefully placed under it’s heavy-duty shatter-proof glass, you can rest assured that nothing will come between you and a solid charge. And we say solid, we mean it! The Portable Charger Base with 2.1A output and input alike makes sure that it not only charges tablets quickly but gives itself a boost with lightning speed too.


Despite the campaign being live already, the guys at TDS are certainly not sitting still. With their aforementioned plans to boost the alloy without compromising on weight, work is in progress on designing and testing additional modules to further expand the capabilities their devices offer. Check out their campaign now and get involved every step of the way, with the Wave 1 Release scheduled for this December and their Wireless Storage and Solar Module launch estimated for January of next year.

The team behind the venture are a passionate group of Japan’s Waseda University graduates and a team of engineers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The founders’ international backgrounds has seen them combine their knowledge and passion to bring the world better, faster, and more durable products. Check them out!

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