Instmap – Putting Instagram on the map

We recently came across a beautiful venture that makes Instagram more interactive than ever. Working on location-based services, Instmap allows you to see exactly what’s going on around you, literally. When we say literally, we mean it! Find out what people around you are posting, discover new places, find those who you connect with and make new friends!

Instmap screenshot

It’s all possible with Instmap. But it doesn’t end there. Far from it! You can browse photos from anywhere in the world. Fancy seeing what’s going on in London? Simply enter ‘London’ in the search bar and you’re right in the heart of the city in a split second, with photos loading instantly as well. It’s incredibly useful to boost those creative juices and get inspiration (+ a bit of jealousy of all these cool places to visit!) Now excuse us while we upload some pictures of the River Thames on this lovely sunny Saturday afternoon…What will you share with the world?

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