JC Global Services – For All Your HR Needs

We recently came across an innovative venture run by a team of highly-experienced HR professionals. JC Global Services are a virtual HR consulting company that cater to both small and medium-sized companies who cannot afford, or simply do not need, a full time HR person.

hr screenshot

JC Global Services, run by Janice Chaka, certified HR professional (and an expat at heart) is constantly exploring ways to help her clients achieve their goals and objectives. Whether you’re in need of interview guides, bespoke trainings and workshops, onboarding support programs, or relocation assistance (to name but a few!), JC Global Services ensures that companies get all the support they need. After all, “HR is more than just recruiting” and all the laws and legislation around it require significant attention which can see costs spiral out of control if you don’t have the right support. No more complicated or expensive retainers, as they state, “Our certified HR professionals will work with you on a project or case by case basis.”

Why is the company virtual, you ask? Well for starters, it’s the green thing to do and furthermore it allows the team to be there whenever you need them. Sustainability and flexibility at its finest! Whether you need support for a single project or case or on an on-going basis, JC Global Services is the perfect destination for all things HR related. Be sure to check them out and read up on Janice’s fascinating and refreshing blog and article submission archive. FYI, we loved the article on the Top 3 Tips When Hiring For Startups – we don’t want to give it all away but our favorite tip combo is making sure you hire someone who is as passionate as you are but is not a replica of you. You need different skills and perspectives in a team to ensure success is within reach!

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