Jungle Bowl: The Smart Way To Motivate Kids To Finish Their Meals

We just came across a great new venture by Jungle Kids called Jungle Bowl. What’s it about? As they state on their Kickstarter campaign page, “We designed a bowl that reveals a surprise toy when the child finishes the food.” The concept is fantastic as it really makes for an interactive experience. What’s the point, you ask? “Jungle Bowl motivates kids who are fussy and picky eaters to finish their food and turns every meal into a fun adventure.”

Jungle Bowl

As mentioned they are currently looking to fund their venture via their Kickstarter campaign which is running for roughly another month or so. So far they have raised over $4.6k of their $40k goal. The team behind the venture are Sasha, Adam and Mike. It all started with Sasha, who is “the inventor of Jungle Bowl and the driving force of the project. When Sasha’s daughter was just 5 months old Sasha went to France to do MBA at INSEAD business school. There she pitched her idea of the bowl that motivated kids to finish their meals and won EUR 5,000 prize at the INSEAD Venture Competition” – and so Jungle Kids and Jungle Bowl was born!

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