K3OPS – Transforming Thoughts Into Real Products

We recently came across another brilliant socially responsible and environmentally friendly venture revolutionizing the concept of the electric battery as we know it. By harnessing its RF energy harvesting system which is able to convert the ambient radiation into direct current power, K3OPS is on a mission to “recycle energy from electromagnetic pollution and convert in continuous electricity to supply everyday’s product.” The team at K3OPS, an incredibly international bunch from difference walks of life, have come together to bring the public closer to cutting edge advances, “[delivering] a new source of clean energy by eliminating the electro-chemical devices currently used to convert chemical energy into electric power via redox processes.”

K3OPS screenshot

K3OPS, as they state, is only part of an extensive range of products that all use this very efficient and highly ecological tech to run, tackling the issues surrounding electromagnetic pollution head on. By removing themselves from being dependent on the world’s natural resources such as nickel, mercury, lead, and lithium (to name a few), and in turn offering “an endless supply of green energy”, these guys are truly revolutionizing the industry. To learn more and get involved, check them out!

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