Karma Points – Taking The Guess Work Out Of Giving

We just came across a brilliant venture that makes giving back so much more rewarding! Karma Points is a fantastic new online charitable platform that grants users easy and hassle-free access to support efforts that are tackling current social issues. Supporters can choose exactly how much they give and be sure they are giving to real, current, and socially important projects.

How does it work? Every week, the team at Karma Points select a new innovative and most importantly worthy project to support with the funds provided by the platform’s users.

Karma Points

It’s beautifully simple and straight-forward. Simply sign up, log into your dashboard and set up Automatic payments (i.e. $1 a day). Every week you get notified of where your funds are going, who will ACTUALLY receive them and who your support has helped (none of these vague ‘Thanks for your support’ generic replies – you will know exactly who you’ve personally helped).

What’s particularly special about Karma Points is the variety of causes you will support and the instant impact your actions will have.From helping the homeless to veterans to animal shelters – your contributions will make a significant difference. Check them out and get involved!

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