Karsof Systems – Showing You The Next Generation Of Security Systems

We recently came across a brilliant service that focuses on delivering “ground-breaking ICT security solutions to government agencies and companies all around the globe.” Karsof Systems, founded back in 2010 in the U.S., deliver a wide and all encompassing range of security solutions, from Biometrics (which is certainly not limited to the more common facial and finger print characteristics, but even includes vein and voice solutions), to Criminal Forensics and Business Continuity – which focuses on being able to quickly return back to ‘code green’ following disaster related business downtime.


On a mission to “empower your enterprise through a solution ownership transfer process, accomplished through world-class technology, training, and support”, the guys at Karsof Systems are far from novices when it comes to ICT security and the backgrounds of the founders clearly demonstrates this. As they state, “Karsof Systems was founded by three scientists from humble beginnings who shared a passion to innovate solutions for the world.” They have successfully expanded to various branches related to ICT security but have done so with precision – becoming trusted leaders in their respective fields. Currently holding 22 global granted patents and another 5 pending at the time of writing speaks volumes of the continuous innovation Karsof Systems undergo.

Be sure to check out their website and download their brochure which explains in much greater detail what they offer – including first of their kind solutions such as their Media Piracy System and their Auto Stamping solution.

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