Lexikin – Your Estate, Your Story

A death is already an incredibly traumatic affair. Losing a loved one requires a significant amount of time to properly process what has happened without the pressure of everything else such as making arrangements and contacting family members. Lexikin, providing after death services, is here to help take some of the burden away by providing people with a secure platform to “make a living record” of one’s possessions and their wishes.

This greatly reduces not only the stress of trying to figure out what their wishes would have been but also allows for the grieving process to be significantly smoother, not to mention that it greatly reduces (if not eliminates) misunderstandings and arguments among the family members and loved ones with how things should be handled, avoiding phrases like “He/She would not have wanted it this way…” But Lexikin is more than just a platform for leaving a digital version of your wishes.

Lexikin screenshot

The platform has teamed up with experts to ensure everything is handled professionally. Things like contents cover, possession valuations, legal advice for important documents, and even professional memoir writers who are able to craft a beautiful piece, are all available to ensure everything is taken care of. You can even nominate charities you feel passionate about and make arrangements there, leaving a true legacy. The site is completely free to sign up to and archive your wishes, although the main benefits certainly come from all the partnerships they have formed in these areas.


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