Linkies – Optimize Your Brand

Linkies is an online platform that lets users collect social content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr; while providing a wide variety of tools that make it easy to get the most out of the social web. By aggregating user-generated content from hashtagged social media posts, Linkies provides a central hub for a brand or movement looking to optimize their outreach and persona.

linkies screenshot

Users can create customizable social media walls that can be embedded on their website; or for group events and conventions can be displayed on monitors, projectors, and even Jumbotrons. Simple to use, Linkies’ suite of tools allows users to easily create attractive and dynamic presentations to uniquely engage their audiences. Additionally, Linkies enables it’s members to easily acquire legal commercial rights to user-generated content, which can then be used in print ads, television commercials, banner ads, and other advertising mediums.

Competitive brands and social media campaigns can utilize Linkies’ conversation-tracking capabilities to collect data and measure the success of their public efforts. Linkies provides the cutting-edge organization with a comprehensive platform to attract business, enhance events, generate buzz, optimize their social media presence, and stay in touch with the ever-changing global audience.

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