Magnific – We Find People Who Will Love Your Product.

“Whether you need users, customers, or super shareable content, Magnific is here to put rocketfuel in your business.” Magnific is one of those companies that makes you feel good. Starting out, it’s more than simply ‘tough’, finding customers, marketing your new products or services – with blogs and tweets, and likes – the list goes on. And that’s exactly what Magnific is here to help you with. Point A on their agenda: Customer Acquisition. “We find and bring you the users, early adopters, & customers your business needs.” Point B is Content Marketing, and they aren’t newbies when it comes to this area either, “We have 750+ writers with a track record in creating incredibly shareable content that will get you noticed.” And last but not least, Point C, which is all about Social Media presence. What has Magnific got to say about that? “Defining and meeting the key metrics to grow your social presence, and reaching key influencers.” – It’s a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs.

magnific screenshot

So what’s their story? “Magnific finds consumers that will love your product. Whether you need users, customers, or super shareable content, Magnific is here to inject rocket fuel into your business. We are a London-based, VC-funded (Ascension Ventures) company who recently completed the ‘Techstars Accelerator Program’. We have a very successful background in content, having launched and run two successful content sites: and” They’ve worked with brands like Smirnoff, Levis, Diesel, Burberry, Timberland, Budweiser, and the list goes on. Want to be a part of their portfolio? Get in touch with them!

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