Max My Body – Take It To The Next Level

We recently came across a great venture going by the name MAX MY BODY. Their mobile app, which is all about “providing nutrition plans for high school athletes to enhance performance both when training and on the field”, clearly and undeniably shows their commitment to providing health-related advice and guidance to young athletes.

maxmybody screenshot

So what kinds of things can you learn from the MAX MY BODY app? Well, apart from getting in-depth information about what the best performance-boosting foods are to ensure you are at the top of your game, you will have access to what constitutes “proper and result-oriented meal plans.” And that’s just for starters! The app will also be of invaluable use to families as a whole, with parents being informed about how to get the best deals of these meals with coupons, as well as the exact instructions on how to put the meals together with recipes and demo videos. Forums are another great venture which encourages a sense of community, where athletes and their families alike can share tips and ask questions.

But wait, there’s even more! As they state, “The mobile app will allow coaches, athletic directors, and entire schools to customize individual meal planning of students and athletes, on campus and on the road.” So how can you get involved? Get started by heading on over to their campaign on IndieGoGo to make sure these guys get the funds for this great venture! Check them out!

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