NextGenUrban – Sustainable Lifestyle Communities

We recently came across a great venture that is pioneering the development of so-called Sustainable Lifestyle Communities. How does it work? As the team at NextGenUrban state, it all works by “combining proprietary cleantech infrastructure with their real estate development projects.” Essentially, by taking a ‘fresh and renewable’ look at how infrastructures are built and modifying them to produce everything that is needed internally. That’s right! All utilities that are required can all be sourced directly from the same location, essentially making it a self-contained site.

By recycling all waste, sewage and trash, and using only the renewable resources on-site, NextGenUrban is able to provide residents with all their required utilities and services. Essentially, as the team told us, this “liberates residents from the global supply chain for their most critical resources of water, energy, food, fuel and digital connectivity and produces positive impacts on the social economic and environmental levels.” By providing their services in a turn-key solution, it is easy to replicate across other communities, with each depending fully on themselves for sustainability. Therefore creating a truly remarkable solution as there is no more dependence on the outside world in order to run and survive, and of course, thrive.


What makes the venture so much more compelling is that it truly allows sustainability to be incorporated into the entire structure being built. As a real estate company with the expertise of implementing these sustainable lifestyle communities, the team at NextGenUrban have nothing holding them back. Essentially starting off with a clean slate to develop on and incorporate the latest cleantech has to offer. Sustainability at its finest – check them out!

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