Notibuyer – Make Your Shopping Lists On The Go

Ah the times when you sat down to write out all the groceries you needed for the week. From essentials like milk and eggs to salad, potatoes and meat, it all got scribbled down on a little notepad paper or on the back of a piece of junk mail. And subsequently lost or forgotten! The number of times I have carefully analysed the condition of the fridge with half a carton of milk, 3 eggs and just a pinch of salt in the pantry – only to forget the little scribbles at home!

notibuyer screenshot

Well say goodbye to those times! With Notibuyer now taking very good care of you, you can make your shopping lists in no time. With features like voice memo dictation you hardly have to lift a finger at all, or put your Instagram skills to the test by snapping a few pics of the items instead – a picture is worth a thousand words after all! Keep it all well organised by adding items to specific circles which you can then easily share with others (i.e. your partner, roommate or if you have kids or you’re in a house-share with a group of people).

notibuyer screenshot 2

Available in the Google Play Store right now, the beautiful yet simple interface of Notibuyer is a joy to work with. Don’t believe us? Check out the fantastic ratings the app has gotten already! Upgrade your shopping lifestyle to 2016 and check out this awesome little gem of an app!

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