Parakeet – Home Automation For Rental Properties

Parakeet – Home Automation For Rental Properties

We just came across an awesome enterprise solution provider called Parakeet which is taking apartment renting and renting out to a whole new level of efficiency. Specialising in everything from improving the overall experience of guests to increasing the profit margins and overall bottom line of home owners and property managers alike.

With great features like keyless entry systems; making it unnecessary for guests and property managers/home owners to agree to strict timelines (think easy, hassle-free entry and locking) to keeping expenses down for home owners by being able to get rid of those expensive emergency locksmiths and have the ability to check on the current home temperature, freeze/flood sensors, and much more (like being able to remotely take action with (un)locking parts or all of the property) – and it’s all visible from the cleverly designed cloud-based dashboard, accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Now this is already use with just one property as things can be managed and adjusted remotely within seconds. But when you start thinking about multi-property owners and property managers, the time and expense savings really start to hit home. Being able to log into a single beautifully simple dashboard where changes can be made in seconds, is priceless. Time is money and being able to track everything without needing to be at the actual location is incredibly beneficial to all involved.

The home owner can focus on profits and acquiring new properties, whereas the property manager can spend their time more wisely rather than needing to drop in for keys, check the condition of the property, or call that expensive emergency locksmith. And guests? Well, no more waiting around for someone to let them into the property or check them out at the end of their stay – and of course, no more panic of having lost the keys!

It’s a win-win-win platform that is guaranteed to make everyone’s life easier. Parakeet takes the hassle out of property renting, no matter who you are!


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