Passionly – The Sexy Marriage App

“Our web app helps couples to reconnect and keeps them sexy, intimate and in love. Are you ready for more passion in your relationship?” Then join the sexy marriage revolution called Passionly – and it’s certainly all in the name! With its beautifully designed interface and overall UX, the app “lets you flirt, learn and seduce your way to deeper passion.”

Packed with great features, like the ability to safely and securely store thousands of intimate photos, great advice, tips and activities to keep the spark alive and kicking, and a fantastic dashboard to keep accurate track of your results throughout, Passionly is a breath of fresh (and steamy) air.

Passionly screenshot

What led to all this? As the Co-founders state, “Every couple seems to have less and less time for themselves and their relationship. Would it be great if there were some place to grow the love between your spouse and yourself? Somewhere you can trust; using ideas from world renowned marriage and sex experts?”

If the answer is YES, then it is time to start using Passionly. Simply sign up and you’ll instantly get the passion back into your relationship – “In just 30 minutes, Passionly will help you plan transformation in mere hours per week. It will ensure that you maintain those activities together over time. Because your relationship is an investment – spend time today and see your love life blossom tomorrow.”

But don’t just take their word for it. They have multiple rave reviews, including Mysti Parker’s review of their brilliant web app, “After 17 years of marriage and 3 kids, our love life can use a little inspiration. Passionly provides just that in an easy to use format. Even when we’re away from each other, the app is perfect for ideas for dates, getaways, even a flirt or two. Thanks, Passionly!” 

The brand new iOS app is due to launch by January 2015 and the Android app quickly follows on Valentine’s Day. Interest in the app is great, as people recognize that, “A more passionate, intimate and sexy marriage is just a click away.”


Apart from the fantastic concept, beautiful interface and extremely affordable pricing (with a money-back guarantee), our favorite part of Passionly is that the concept works on an on-going basis – building intimate relationships.

So what can you expect from the team? “We’ll help you schedule and plan quarterly Getaways, weekly Love and Sex Dates, as well as academically rigorous and scientifically proven Challenge activities. Daily, we’ll help you flirt seductively and track your progress over time using our Dashboard area.”

Get the intimacy and passion in your relationship to an all-time high. Check out Passionly now, and be sure to download the apps when they are released!

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