Peel The Layers Of A Start-up Like An Onion

The expression “peeling away another layer” is helping us visualize how to get to the core of being. It is used to peel away layers of emotions and circumstances that influence our lives by Life Coaches and we can use the metaphor to understand the core of start-ups.

It’s not easy to peel an onion or to peel away layers of vision and features before understanding the basics: the 5 W’s and How. If you can’t answer these questions: keep peeling!

What problem are you solving? Why will people care? What will they pay? Who are your clients? Where are your customers? How will you acquire customers?

The reality is that starting up a new business is a multifaceted process. You need to deal with many layers of complexity. Basically, you need to understand two things: Delivery of Product and Market Truth as explained by Kevin Ready on Forbes.

Startup Founders need to know their vision, but also have the ability to put it aside and look at the here and now. You need to know what matters now, which is not “the app is not fast enough” or any other improvements. It is all about the “why” – why do people care about the problem.

And as Kevin shares, when you’re starting out you can compare the market as a room full of bustling activity, with no lights switched on. You have been able to understand the outer parameters and through stumbling you are learning quickly what is true or false.

Trying things out may seem a faltering methodology. In reality, starting a company is a stumbling journey. Try one thing and see if it works. If it does, build on it. If it doesn’t – drop it. This is exactly where “peeling the layers” comes in. From your original business idea, what hasn’t panned out? Then peel that layer and put it aside. What does this action reveal? New market opportunities perhaps? Then go exploring the dark room again. And that’s how you keep going ahead. Layer by layer. Product development by product development.


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As Founder of Kaleidoscope and Business Mentor, Lisette Andreyko works with start-ups on gaining strategic focus. She is passionate about leadership development in start-ups.

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