Portable Hookahs – A Modern Twist On An Age Old Tradition

Hookahs have been around for ages, and when we say ages, we mean hundreds of years. Originally from Persia, hookahs quickly spread – from the Ottoman Empire right through to the Middle East and India. The original design is still used today with the burning coal and the iconic hose pipe. While these do look fantastic, they are not exactly portable, despite having been created for that very purpose!

Portable Hookahs screenshot

Retaining the original traditions, character and mystique of these well known devices, the team at Portable Hookahs set out to further develop on the notion of the portable hookah by bringing in the latest technology has to offer in the field. And so the act of vaporizing was brought into the mix! From vaporizer pens to portable vaporizers, the team quickly realised how incredibly convenient these devices were; at just a fraction of the size of the traditional hookah.

The main priority, however, of not compromising on quality, involved ensuring not only size but also the quality of enjoyment was taken into account. The guys have certainly not let us down with stylish, portable, and high quality items at incredibly competitive prices. Be sure to check out their stunning wax vaporizer collection for top of the line products and their dry herb vaporizer (we think the DaVinci vaporizer looks pretty epic!) Don’t believe us? Read the reviews, check them out, and get yourself or your loved ones a great alternative to traditional (rather bulky) hookahs!

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