PPU – Concentrate On Making Your Web App Amazing

We recently came across a great new service called PPU What’s it all about? PPU (Pay Per User) is ideal for those wanting to “focus more on building and perfecting [their] web app and less time marketing”. Allowing you to spend your valuable time ensuring your venture is way ahead of the competition whilst they take care of the exposure. In short, as they state on their site, “We can bring you real users on a pay-per-user basis to help grow your business.”

ppu screenshot

So what can you expect from the guys over at PPU? Well as they put it, “In the quest for user registrations to your web app we perform the following duties” which includes Research (analyzing the market and seeing what seems to be working for others in the same field and what specifically doesn’t seem to be working for your web app), Advertising (both PPC via AdWords and Social Marketing via Facebook Ads) as well as Design (including targeted and bespoke landing page design that will increase conversion rates).

So what does Alex Booth, creator of this great venture, hope to accomplish with PPU? “It’s a way for me to help web app developers and websites that rely on users gain new members by only paying per user.” And he is no newbie to this field. As he states, “Using my experience of doing this over the years I want to help businesses move forward by taking the marketing away from them so they can focus on development while I develop the marketing side of things for a long term solution that benefits both us and the website owners.” We love the concept – check them out!

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