PRMobi – Media Training On The Go

We love coming across awesome ventures like this one! Going by the name PRMobi, this app is brilliant. What’s it all about? Well, in their own words, the app is “the easiest way to prepare for a media interview.” It can be incredibly daunting and difficult to answer questions confidently when being interviewed – especially with the lights and the camera – not to mention thinking about the audience!

PRMobi screenshot

It’s because of this, that the team at PRMobi have developed the app, allowing spokespeople to confidently present themselves when being asked detailed questions – often shot live. So how does it work exactly? It couldn’t be more straight-forward. Simply download the app from the App Store and the interview begins. You can hear the journalist asking you the questions and you can respond to them – allowing you to practice perfecting your tone, posture, and general answering skills.

Once the interview has been completed, you have the opportunity to re-play the interview and review how it went. For an even better indication of how you did and what you can do to improve, why not share the output with your colleagues? Getting feedback, both from yourself during the re-play but also others afterwards, is incredibly valuable. Practice makes perfect and this is an incredible way to make sure you have the confidence when speaking with a journalist. As they state, “often you get just one chance with a journalist”, so make sure you practice so you can be sure you will be proud of your performance. Check them out!

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