– Distance Is No Longer A Problem

We recently came across a brilliant all-in-one solution by the name of for all your PR needs. Helping you not only schedule content for the best times to reach your audience but actually creating, publishing, and distributing your press releases as well! With their beautiful solution, you can craft and draft the perfect announcements, together with the best images and video to ensure your content is as engaging as possible. You can even customize the release to match your branding, attach press kits with logos and other materials to ensure your content is distributed as quickly and smoothly as possible, and even add your personal PR contact list to kickoff the distribution in seconds!

pr news io

Established back in 2005 by a great group of professional internet journalists, set out to eliminate the problems small businesses were facing when it came to press. Problems around getting featured and the distribution of content are no more with the powerful capabilities of the services they offer. Need proof? Ask any of their 30,000 customers from 25 countries! With offices in London, Prague, Kiev, and Moscow, the team are strategically and geographically placed to have the highest impact. As they state, “The whole process is as easy as ABC.” Simply create an account, set up your personal press room, add in your press releases, add in your press contacts, and distribute your press release! If you need any support whatsoever, simply check in with their online support staff who will make the entire press release distribution process are easy as possible.

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