ProposeIt – Helping Change The Issues You Care About

We recently came across a brilliant venture that lets your voice be heard when it comes to political issues. Connecting you directly with the politicians who are able to make your proposals come to life, ProposeIt takes out all the roadblocks. How does it work? It couldn’t be easier. Simply head on over to their site, sign up for an account, and state what you would like to propose. Whether it’s a solution to a local, county, state, or even national issue, ProposeIt will ensure it gets the exposure you need to make your voice be heard. Next up, the team helps you promote your solution via their incredibly powerful social media tools and promotion tools to reach your audience. Once your proposal is live, others can join in and vote on your proposed solution and if it reaches the top of the ranks, ProposeIt will forward the solution to the relevant politician on your behalf. As a result, politicians will be more connected with the people they represent, ensuring their needs are addressed and their feedback heard.

proposeit screenshot

On the other hand, if you are a politician yourself, it’s easy to connect with others by setting up a politician profile. You have direct access to all the social media integration tools, as well as all the other features ProposeIt offers (including a blog, messaging platform and even campaign tools to name but a few!) The platform will allow you to directly tap into what your area is concerned about and what they need solutions for. You can show them how you plan to address the issues and best of all, you can connect with the other problem-solvers in the area. It’s a win-win situation all around! So no matter who you are, ProposeIt is here to help your voice be heard, giving you all the tools you could possibly need to make it as simple as possible. Check them out and change the world for the better!

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