ProStartMe – Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

“We Convert Your Big Ideas into Successful Products. We are Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs.” Words by the great and educational venture ProStartMe, “a conglomeration of talented people who are motivated to pursue great ideas.” What makes them stand out? “We work with the best minds in the country and continue to nurture them to be able to achieve their best.” We love the ambition and motivation behind ventures like this, and their attitude of “If I don’t do it, no one will.” is incredibly refreshing.

prostartme screenshot

So what do they hope to accomplish with ProStartMe? Their objectives are three-fold. Firstly, “To achieve a retention rate of over 95% consistently. We measure the retention rate based on what percent of the final product was developed at Pro Start Me after we started working on the idea. Additionally, our first-time partners should offer to work with us for their subsequent products.” Secondly, “To work on at least one product, at any given time, that has interests aligned with a social cause, either directly or indirectly. We will work to make this partnership financially profitable if we can, or working at a loss if we must, but working for a cause at any time.” And last but certainly not least, “To invariably achieve over 4.5 on a scale of 5 in employee satisfaction.” Their approach of Ideation Cell to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then Scaling the MVP is a great approach, ensuring lean methodology to be able to respond quickly to ever-changing conditions. 

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